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Zhongcai Zhike Lubricant Co., Ltd., which predecessor Hebei Tongli New Material Technology Co., Ltd., is a lubricating oil trading company for many years. In 2018, it reached a cooperation intention with Germany's Sinad Petroleum Group and authorized our company as the general agent in mainland , China R Trademark (SAINAIDE). Due to the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry in recent years, the requirements for the quality and quantity of lubricants has became more and more obviously.
In 2019, the relevant departments of Xingtai Nangong City attracted investment requisition 118,800 square meters of land to establish the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Lubricant center in the Chemical Industrial Park. Zhongcai Zhike Lubricant Co., Ltd. was established in April 2021. With the technical guidance of the German Sinad Petroleum Group Corporation, the engineers jointly develop the technology of lubricants, Zhongcai Zhike Lubricant Co., Ltd. independently manufactures, processes and sells the products.

The company takes "integrity management" as our business purpose,relying on advanced technical support and the spirit of striving for perfection, after continuous efforts and exploration, our products have marketed to many provincial and municipal enterprises. The company's own brand "SAINAIDE" brand lubricant products cover automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants and other series of products, providing comprehensive and efficient lubrication maintenance solutions for vehicles and equipment. It is widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, mining, aviation, smelting, power generation, machinery manufacturing and automation and engineering machinery industries. At present, the company has mature and modern production workshops, fully automatic production lines, sales offices and regional warehouses. The company will continue to work hard to reform and innovate to develop better and higher quality lubricant products to better serve the different needs of our customers.

Five innovative lubrication technologies

Cogs, Gears and Wheels Inside Truck Diesel Engine

Long-lasting -longer oil change interval

conventional lubricating oil is easy forming paint film, sludge, carbon residue and other precipitates in the lubricating system if it is not used properly. Frequent oil changes will not only increase oil purchases , but also increase labor costs and downtime losses. Sainaide lubricating oils are selected from the second and third types of base oils and four and five types of synthetic oils that have been refined for many times, plus multiple anti-oxidation , high-temperature technologies, and cooperate with the Sainaide tools for daily maintenance , Its service life is 30-300% longer than most brands of oil at the same price, which greatly reduces oil costs.

Anti-wear and anti-friction

Oil film rupture and additive failure are the most important reasons for surface wear of parts . Sainaide has independently developed a variety of anti-friction and anti-extreme pressure additives. The additives cooperate with each other can form a protective layer at the moment of contact with the metal to protect the metal surface from abrasion and maintain consistency

Hand of Mechanic technician service check level motor oil engine in garage
Hand mechanic in service to repair a car, pouring change lubricant oil at maintenance repair service station, Energy fuel maintenance automotive concept

Temperature resistance - resist high and low temperature environment

The viscosity of conventional products decreases significantly at high temperature, resulting in a decrease in lubricating effect; high viscosity is prone to appear at low temperature, causing difficulty in starting and increasing load. Sinaide lubricants have the function of maintaining high temperature viscosity and reducing friction. Under the same load condition, the temperature of the oil is significantly lower than other brands of the same grade lubricants, which greatly delays the aging of the oil. It is easy to start at low temperatures due to easy flow , reduce energy consumption.

Protection -Provide comprehensive protection for different working conditions

Each series of Lubricants from Sainaide is developed according to the requirements of working conditions in different specific environments. For example, anti-emulsification and anti-corrosion lubricating oils are required for mutual equipment; long-life lubricating oils are required for equipment that is inconvenient to maintain; Equipment with large consumption and serious oil leakage needs economical lubricating oil, and high-pressure system needs lubricating oil with very fast defoaming.

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Keep the oil with ultra-high cleanliness

Particles in the hydraulic circulation system is easy to block the filter element, scratch the seal, and cause the original pump valve to wear or fail. Major hydraulic component manufacturers require that the cleanliness of medium and high hydraulic systems should be controlled at NAS 7~8, and the cleanliness of sensitive and high-pressure servo hydraulic systems should be controlled at NAS 5~6. Now the new oils cleanliness of most brand lubricants products on the market can only reach NAS 9~10. The cleanliness of conventional oil products of Sainaide is controlled at NAS level of 7~8. For high-demand hydraulic systems, Sainaide uses aviation-grade fine filtration technology to control the cleanliness of new oil within NAS level 5~6 and pollute particles only 6% of most brands on the market, greatly reducing the occurrence of pump valve failure.

Eight leading manufacturing processes

The three key factors affecting product quality : the quality of raw materials, product formulas, and production processes. In order to meet the special requirements of aerospace and high-end customers, advanced production processes and equipment are used when the factory is built to create an intelligent blending factory to ensure that product quality is always maintained. high standards.

Advanced vacuum heating dehydration pretreatment process

The original vacuum heating dehydration process can reduce the moisture in the oil to less than 10 parts per million to ensure the long-term stability of the oil.

The whole process of ERP system management

There are professional software and Internet of Things R&D teams, from R&D, procurement, production, sales, customer service, and finance, to realize the entire process of ERP system management to ensure that there are no dead ends in the entire process.

Automatic metering and reconciliation system

Adopting advanced automatic metering and reconciliation system, inputting data into the computer system can automatically complete metering, feeding, etc., reducing the quality change factors caused by human feeding.

Four-stage precision filtration system

The traditional process can only filter particles larger than 20 microns in diameter. The four-stage filtration process adopts electrostatic adsorption precision filtration technology, which can filter fine particles larger than 1 microns in diameter. The high-cleanliness oil can reach NAS5-6 level, which is better than The industry's NAS level 8 standard provides better protection for precision equipment.

Compound mixing and blending process

The pulse pneumatic + mechanical stirring + homogeneous dispersion compound blending process is adopted to avoid instability caused by a single blending process and ensure more stable quality.

Zero-pollution independent production equipment

Each set of production equipment only produces the same type of products to avoid cross-contamination of raw materials and ensure the stability and consistency of quality.

Accurate constant temperature reconciliation

Each production base is equipped with a heat carrier heating system to allow raw materials to be produced at a constant temperature to ensure stable quality.

Automatic and accurate measurement and filling

Whether it is raw material input or finished product filling, it adopts an advanced precise measurement control system.