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Zhongcai Zhike Lubricant Co., Ltd., which predecessor Hebei Tongli New Material Technology Co., Ltd., is a lubricating oil trading company for many years. In 2018, it reached a cooperation intention with Germany’s Sinad Petroleum Group and authorized our company as the general agent in mainland , China R Trademark (SAINAIDE). Due to the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry in recent years, the requirements for the quality and quantity of lubricants has became more and more obviously.

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    Types of Hydraulic Fluids There are different types of hydraulic fluids that have the required properties. In general, while selecting a suitable oil, a few important factors are considered. First, its compatibility with seals, bearing and components is seen; second, its viscosity and other param...

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    It would be great if industrial gears ran in cool, clean and dry environments. However, conditions in gear-driven operations such as steel mills, manufacturing plants and other strenuous industrial applications are anything but cool, clean and dry. That’s why lubricant selection can be so challen...